Make Telegram Great Again

New functions

📤 Export Stickers

In manage sticker box, click EXPORT at right-bottom.

👀 Online/Typing Toast

It can be configured in settings.

📞 Mention by @admin and @everyuser

It can be disabled in settings.

✅ Mark all as read

This can be found in Notification section.
Note: This action can not be revert.

Chat Filter

Right-click left-top Hide muted chat, and it will open a filter box.

New UI

👻 Ignore blocked users

Just block them, it can be disabled in settings.
Support both default and dark theme.

🆔 Chat ID in panel

Click to copy

ℹ️ Append [@username] to display name

It can be disabled in settings.

🤖 Show callback data

Also contains inline keyboard URL. It can be enabled in settings.

🔝 Add go to first message button

This option is in right-top menu of chat room


🈶 Built-in Localizations

Including Chinese, Catalonia.
If somewhere didn"t update to new language, just manually restart application.

📌 Unhidden Pinned Message

Pinned messages will unhide when enabling group notification, need to re-open chat to reload.

Tag users with mention

When tagging user, not only @username text but also added an entity.

Message ID in Copy Link menu

It looks like Copy Link (87).

Show Restrict Users by Default

When delete message, open restrict user box instead of ban user

Online Members count

By deafult, it only avalible for groups which has less than 200 member.
Telegreat removed this limit, but only count first 200 members.

Version History

We also have changelog, please reference to here

Help document the features

Please contact @S_ean if you have idea about how to improve this page :)

Not Great Enough?

Welcome to open issues about your suggestion on Sea-n/tdesktop repo